1. Are there any group tutoring sessions?

At this time, our prices are only for one-on-one tutoring sessions.  We are making plans to accommodate group tutoring sessions. 

2. I attended my tutoring session, can I receive a refund for a session I already paid? ​

Unfortunately, refunds are not given for used/unused tutoring minutes.  Additionally, we do not give refunds to individuals who forget to cancel their memberships. 

3. How do I speak with the tutor before my session?

You can contact them through your portal.  Plus, you can forward your messages to our support staff at tutors.leftbrains@gmail.com.  Please allow us 72 hours to respond to your concern. 

4. I have a schedule conflict. Can I reschedule my appointment?

Please contact your Program Coordinator to reschedule your tutoring session.  

5.Can I schedule more than one appointment?

Yes, please contact your Program Coordinator to setup multiple tutoring appointments. 

6. Are there any cancellation fees?

There are no cancellation fees. We just request you cancel and reschedule your appointment 24 hours before tutoring session.

8. What happens if I don't show up to my tutoring session?

Unfortunately, you would have to schedule another time with your tutor.  No refund will be given. 

9. What if my tutor does not show up for my session?

Contact your Program Coordinator regarding the tutor no-show.

10. If I do not qualify to be in the program, can I still participate in the Affordable Tutoring Program?

No, you must qualify to participate in our Affordable Tutoring Program. 

11. How do I find out if I qualify to participate in the Affordable Tutoring Program?

Please contact us via email (info.leftbrains@gmail.com) to inquire about the Affordable Tutoring Program. 

12. What is the process to participate in the Affordable Tutoring Program?

You must complete our intake application. Then one of our staff will review your application and contact you regarding your availability for an over the phone interview.  Once the application process is completed,  we will pair you with a Sponsor.  

13. If I qualify for the program, can I hire a tutor through the website?

No, you must contact us first before scheduling a tutor.  

14. Can other individuals outside hire our tutors?

Yes! We created the program to were the tutoring fees are affordable for individuals who do not qualify.  Additionally, their paid sessions will help assist underserved youth who does not have a Sponsor.  

15. If I qualify for the program, can I share my tutoring hours with my family and friends?

No.  Your family and friends must go through the application process to receive our tutoring services.

16. How can my school partner with Left Brains?

Please have your school representative contact us at info.leftbrains@gmail.com

17. How do I become a Sponsor?

All Sponsor inquires must be sent via email to sponsors.leftbrains@gmail.com. We have an application for all Sponsors to complete.  Plus, the Sponsor must pass a background check.  

18. If I pass the application process, how will I be notified who is my sponsored child?

Your Program Coordinator  will notify you on the available students who are on the waiting list. Then you will be able to select which student you would like to sponsor.  You will be presented with a headshot and subject difficulties.  No personal information will be given.  

19. If I am a Sponsor, how often will I receive my sponsored child progress report?

You will receive 2 semester academic report (January and June) with a passing, failing, and needs improvement status. 

20. How long can I be a Sponsor or student within the program?

Our program only support students from K-12.  

21. What if a Sponsor decides to leave the program?

The student will be placed back on the waiting list for a sponsor or the Program Coordinator will discuss alternatives to support the student.