Why Hire Our Tutors?

An hour session will assist the underserved youth to receive affordable tutoring service through our Sponsorship Program. 

Our tutoring prices are competitive to our competitors. Tutoring fees starts at $16/hour.  If you cannot afford any of our Pay-As-You-Go nor Package Options, call us 1-855-327-2467 to be placed on our Waiting List for a Sponsor.  




Our tutors are Tutor Ninjas. We only hire certified tutors who are skilled in the course you purchase.  We only hire tutors who are enthusiastic about helping your child. If a tutor is not certified, we give them three months to obtain their certification.




You will have a dedicated Program Coordinator to pair you with a tutor.  You will be able to contact them regarding your child’s progression and program related questions.

Schedule a time and date that fits both you and the tutors calendar.



Organization Values

Creating a learning fun  environment which has your child interested in learning more. 

Each session begins on schedule.  We understand everyone has a busy schedule.  Your time is valuable.  We recommend our tutors be on-time to every session. 

Skilled tutors and professionals during each session. If it’s a STEAM program or a tutoring session, we’re always looking for skilled and qualified professionals to conduct our sessions. We take our time testing our tutors and STEAM professionals. 

We value diversity and inclusion.    We strive to create a culture where all members of our programs get the same great service. 

How Can I Get Affordable Tutoring Service?

To receive Affordable Tutoring Service, you must apply to qualify.  To obtain an application, please email us at  info.leftbrains@gmail.com.


” My grades went from D’s and F’s to mostly B’s and A’s with one C. “

  – Barbara Jordan-

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